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Living or Investing in Portugal

A sunny investment choice

Because we are committed to finding the best locations for your property investments, MJ Développement invites you to discover Portugal and its advantageous tax system. A perfect destination to combine island living, property investment and tax optimisation in complete legality.

Island life in Portugal

With 300 days of sunshine a year and breathtaking scenery, Portugal’s rich cultural heritage, renowned gastronomy and ideal cost of living attract many buyers every year.


Portugal or the art of living in the sun

A modern country

Portugal enjoys increasing political and economic stability, reflected in its sustained economic growth. The country has a 2,544 km railway network, 42 ports and 7 airports, making all its regions accessible and connected to the world.

The art of living in the sun

Portugal is known for its temperate climate, cultural activities and breathtaking scenery. In this traditional destination, where living is good, staying safe is paramount. Portugal is the 3rd safest country in the world and the cost of living is 34% lower than in France

European standards in education

Portugal has an extensive network of state schools at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education. Inspired by programmes in the UK, France, Germany and the USA, the education system is based on their higher education at universities and polytechnics.

An advanced healthcare system

The NHS (National Health System) is a highly developed system with high quality medical services, treatments and procedures. To benefit from the SNS, you need to go to a local health centre and present your passport, residence permit and social security card. The scheme covers doctors’ visits, hospital/emergency care and heavily subsidised prescription drugs.

Investing in Portugal

NHR status, exceptional taxation*

What is the NHR regime?

The Non-Habitual Resident status is an advantageous tax regime for foreigners wishing to be resident in Portugal with the benefit of preferential tax treatment.

What are the advantages of the NHR status?

NHR status allows tax exemption or reduction for working people (employed or self-employed) and pensioners. Those who work benefit from a flat tax rate of 20%. Pensioners can benefit from a total tax exemption or a tax of 10% of their income.

What are the criteria for NHR status?

To qualify for RNH status, you must apply to become a tax resident in Portugal and not have been one for the last 5 years. To be a tax resident in Portugal, you must have lived in the country for more than 183 days (consecutive or otherwise) during the previous year, or prove that you intend to settle in the country on a long-term basis (purchase of a property, long-term rental contract, etc.).

How do I apply for NHR status?

The first step is to apply to the ‘Finanças’ (tax office in Portugal). The next step is to carry out a tax optimisation study based on your profile. You will then need to take the necessary steps to establish yourself in Portugal and obtain your NIF (Tax Identification Number), which is required for every step you take in Portugal. Finally, you must file an annual personal and professional income tax return.

*The scheme ends in 2024

Our property developments in Portugal

At MJ Développement, we believe it is important to offer an investment product adapted to each individual’s tax and wealth profile.

Faro, Algarve - Portugal

Private estate of prestigious villas, Quinta de Faro

9 villas with 3 or 4 bedrooms left

From € 1 180 000

Delivery expected in Q4 2024

+33 (0)5 59 03 13 00