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The advantages of buying a home in new real estate

The advantages of buying a home in new real estate

Buying off plan offers real advantages compared to buying an existing property: compliance with the latest energy standards, insulation, energy management, comfort, optimised interior spaces, customisable services, tax benefits and budget control.

Buying off-plan (Vente en État Futur d’Achèvement or VEFA) allows you to customise your future home to suit your needs and desires. You can customise the plans of your apartment or house and choose your interior.

The energy and environmental benefits of new homes 

When you buy a new home, you benefit from the latest construction and thermal insulation standards. High energy performance means better quality of life, lower energy consumption and therefore lower bills.

Optimum Insulation for Enhanced Comfort

The RT 2012 and BBC labels guarantee optimum insulation for new homes. This insulation helps maintain a pleasant temperature in the home while limiting heat loss. The result is greater comfort and significant energy savings.

Optimised Room Layout 

New homes have improved room layouts to meet residents’ needs. The bay windows facessouth to take advantage of the natural light, and the glazing is efficient to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home.

Healthy Indoor Air 

New homes are fitted with new high-performance ventilation systems. Guaranteed healthy indoor air in all seasons, no more dampness in your rooms.

Buying your new home means you won’t have to do any work for many years to come. Less work means one less variable in your finance budget. Enjoy peace of mind in your new home’s first years.

Save on your notary fees

In France, for example, notary fees are between 2% and 3% of the price of a new property. If your new home costs €300,000, notary fees can be up to €9,000. 

If you are buying an old property, notary fees account for 7 to 8% of the price. For a purchase of €300,000, you could pay up to €24,000 in notary fees. 

Buying a new house for €300,000 for the same price as an old one means saving €15,000 in notary fees!

Be exempt from property tax

In some French towns, you can benefit from a total or partial exemption from property tax. It applies for the first 2 years and from 1 January of the year following the completion of the new home.

Rental investment

If you want to save tax, create wealth or optimise your assets, a good rental property investment is foremost a good location with strong rental demand. 

One of the advantages of a buy-to-let investment is that you can buy a property and finance it with a lease. Some laws allow you to exempt yourself from tax by taking advantage of tax credits, such as the loi Pinel and loi Cenci Bouvard in France. You can also opt for an LMP and LMNP scheme or a Para-Hotel scheme.

Deductible expenses, VAT recovery and tax incentives and exemptions.

15% income tax, no IFI, no CSG…

NHR status, tax relief, exemption…

  • Commercial launch
  • Beginning of works
  • Progress of work (foundations, floors, waterproofing, joinery and partitions)
  • Work completion
  • Delivery
  • After-sale service

MJ Développement guarantees


Financial completion guarantee

The financial completion guarantee, taken out by the developer with a financial institution or insurance company, commits the insurer to provide the funds necessary to complete the construction if the developer defaults.


Perfect completion guarantee

The guarantee of perfect completion, which lasts for one year from the acceptance of the property, obliges the builder to repair any defects reported in the property during that year.


Guarantee of proper operation

The two-year warranty or guarantee of proper operation, which lasts for two years from acceptance of the work, covers the equipment in your home in the event of a malfunction.


Ten-year warranty

The ten-year guarantee, which covers damage to a property for a period of 10 years, covers damage to the shell of the building and, more specifically, damage that threatens the solidity of the building and its inseparable equipment, as well as damage that renders the building uninhabitable.


Work damage insurance

It guarantees rapid repair of any damage that occurs within 10 years of taking delivery of your home. This insurance provides comprehensive protection for the homeowner. No need to worry in the event of a claim!

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