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Buying with MJ Développement

Buying off-plan offers real advantages over buying an existing property: compliance with the latest energy standards, insulation, energy management, comfort, optimised interiors, customisable services, tax benefits and budget control. To ensure that this purchase, often the project of a lifetime, is a real success, you need the support of a quality property developer.

Commitment, proximity, transparency, fluid and constant communication throughout your career and personalised follow-up are just some of the strengths that have made the MJ Développement group so successful for over 15 years.

Our engagements

Tailored support … throughout your buying journey.

Whether you want to live in a property or invest in one, you need to make a real commitment. It’s up to us to get involved! Our 5 MJ Développement offices, supported by our network of wealth management advisers in the 3 countries in which we operate, offer you a constant presence.

One customer = one MJ point of contact, to create and maintain a close relationship that makes all the difference. Find your dream property, put together a finance package, get the best possible financing, monitor and understand the construction of your property, personalise your interior, etc., all the way through to letting and, for certain MJ Development property products, reselling the property: Dedicated support and expertise at every key stage.

Tailored expertise … whatever your property project.

Primary residence, secondary residence with à la carte rental management and attractive returns, first-time buyers, investments with tax benefits (PINEL, LMP-LMNP, Para-Hotel), asset diversification from France to abroad or from abroad to France, investments to prepare for retirement: every year, our teams and specialised sales networks provide you with the expertise you need for your project.

Legal advisers, tax experts, renowned banking partners, asset management consultants, VEFA sales specialists, interior designers. All the professionals selected by MJ Développement share the same concern: a perfect understanding of your issues and constant attention to your needs.

A property tailored to your needs.

Location, services, personalisation: these are not just rhymes at MJ Développement, but a genuine commitment to all our projects.
We believe that a new, well-designed and well-located home is the first step towards a harmonious life. That’s why MJ Développement’s new homes are strategically located in attractive, economically dynamic urban centres, in quiet neighbourhoods close to all the amenities you need for a smooth, enjoyable day.

Differentiation through the quality of our products and service: MJ Développement’s experience also means access to a choice of reliable contractors. The MJ interiors and services selected for you ensure comfort, energy savings, interior design and optimised living space.

MJ interiors are interiors that reflect you and your lifestyle. The purchasers’ modification work (or TMA in French for ‘travaux modificatifs acquéreurs’) are one of the major advantages of buying new. Your MJ consultant will help you take this important step to personalise your property while complying with current standards and thermal regulations. The wide range of references selected by our decorating experts is also a key advantage of buying from MJ Développement.

To work with MJ Développement is to work with a serious developer on a human scale who shares the same solid values.

Let’s meet

Buying well is above all about being well supported…

The teams at MJ Développement put all their expertise at your service. to guarantee you another experience of new real estate:

  • Personalised support
  • Appropriate advice
  • Tailor-made services
by phone
by video
In person

MJ Développement guarantees


Financial completion guarantee

The financial completion guarantee, taken out by the developer with a financial institution or insurance company, commits the insurer to provide the funds necessary to complete the construction if the developer defaults.


Perfect completion guarantee

The guarantee of perfect completion, which lasts for one year from the acceptance of the property, obliges the builder to repair any defects reported in the property during that year.


Guarantee of proper operation

The two-year warranty or guarantee of proper operation, which lasts for two years from acceptance of the work, covers the equipment in your home in the event of a malfunction.


Ten-year warranty

The ten-year guarantee, which covers damage to a property for a period of 10 years, covers damage to the shell of the building and, more specifically, damage that threatens the solidity of the building and its inseparable equipment, as well as damage that renders the building uninhabitable.


Work damage insurance

It guarantees rapid repair of any damage that occurs within 10 years of taking delivery of your home. This insurance provides comprehensive protection for the homeowner. No need to worry in the event of a claim!

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