New-build investments

Why make a rental investment with MJ Développement ?

In MJ Développement, we make a point of offering an investment product adapted to each tax and heritage profile.

Tax optimization, heritage building? A good rental real estate investment relies on a good location with strong rental demand. One of the strengths of MJ Développement is the long-term expertise. Whether it is a city in full economic development or a preserved tourist area, we always ensure that our residences and other villas are well served, close to the shops and enjoying tranquillity.

One of the advantages of rental investment, is being able to purchase a property and financing it with the lease. Some laws allow tax exemption and tax credit, as is the case with the loi Pinel and the loi Cenci Bouvard in France. There are many different legislative measures, depending on your country and personal situation (please, contact us).

Our advisors will accompany you in the study of your project, simulation, loan request, taxation…
We will advise you on all the tax benefits of your investment. We can, if you wish, entrust our partners with the rental of your property or the property belongs to our range Mauritius, ensure the rental management with our subsidiary MJ Holidays, dedicated to the hotel operation of Group MJ développement.


Invest with the Pinel act

Save up to 21% of the amount of your investment.

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Invest in LMP-LMNP

Make your rental income tax-exempt. Please contact us for specific information on tax system.

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Invest in Mauritius

Single Income tax rate: 15%

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