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Understand the Mauritian tax system

For a few years now, many European people have chosen to invest in Mauritius.
They were particularly seduced by conditions conductive to real estate investment and a favourable tax system. This small country enjoys political stability and economic dynamism, both very reassuring for investors.
The picture-postcard landscapes and the legendary sweetness of life in the islands of the Indian Ocean have truly made of Mauritius a dream destination.

Investing in full ownership in Mauritius is gaining access to all its benefits:

A single income tax bracket (15%), even for rental income.
A double taxation agreement between Mauritius and 46 countries that prevent from being taxed twice on the same income. If you make a rental investment, the income generated won’t be taxed in your home country (depending on your country).
No real estate wealth tax.
In case of resale of the property, the profits arising won’t be taxed.
No property tax, no housing tax, no social security contribution.

Benefit from the Mauritian tax system

When making a real estate investment in Mauritius under the PDS (Property Developement Scheme) run by the BOI (Board of Investment) and choosing to live at least 183 days in your Mauritian residence, you can become a resident. The acquisition of your property can also be done by creating a local company (like the SCI in France), which provide various additional benefits. MJ Développement is surrounded by experts to accompany you in all administrative steps of the creation of the said company.

MJ Développement by your side in the acquisition process

Investing in real estate abroad is a serious matter that requires time and energy. MJ Développement has selected partners of excellence that can accompany you personally depending on your investment project and your tax profile :

  • Sales advisors at your disposal in France and Mauritius.
  • Banking partners for the financing of your project.
  • Specialized advisors to walk you through administrative, legal and tax procedures.

Group MJ Développement wishes to bring you all the guarantees and the necessary assistance to secure your purchase :

  • A clear legal framework: you buy in full ownership and the sale is concluded before a notary with the same guarantees as in your country.
  • In Mauritius, the purchasing process of a new villa is like the purchase of a property in VEFA (sale in State of future completion) in France. The payments are made progressively, as the work is completed, and the bank will issue a GEFA (Financial Guarantee of Completion).
  • Your property is subject to guarantees which protect you in case of defects in construction or of failure of the contractor.

MJ Développement remains close to its customers and pilot the project from France, relying on its Mauritian subsidiary and its sales and administrative teams located in Rivière Noire.

Rental management in Mauritius

Group MJ Développement ensures to each purchaser of the Mauritius range, a service of rental management, via MJ Holidays, its subsidiary dedicated to the hotel operations and rental management.

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